Time Zones

Find our comprehensive guide to time zones around the world. Time zones are regions that share the same standard time, enabling us to coordinate activities and keep track of time globally. Understanding time zones is crucial for international communication, travel, and scheduling across different countries. This leaflet aims to provide valuable information about various time zones, enabling you to navigate the intricacies of time worldwide.

Time zones are typically defined based on their deviation from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The table below presents a wealth of data about known time zones, including their ISO code, name, time zone designation, country location, time zone city, and deviation from GMT/UTC.

Discover Time Zones Around the World

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to time zones across the globe. This leaflet aims to provide you with all the necessary information about different time zones, including their ISO code, name, time zone, country location, time zone city, and deviation from GMT/UTC. With our interactive time zone table, you can easily sort the data by clicking on the header or find specific cities by typing in the search box on the right.

The table presented below offers a detailed overview of time zones across the globe:

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Country Code Name City Region Time Zone Time Zone Abbrevation GMT Offset
AF Afghanistan Kabul Asia Asia/Kabul AFT UTC +04:30
AL Albania Tirane Europe Europe/Tirane CET UTC +02:00
DZ Algeria Algiers Africa Africa/Algiers CET UTC +01:00
AS American Samoa Pago Pago Pacific Pacific/Pago_Pago SST UTC -11:00
AD Andorra Andorra Europe Europe/Andorra CET UTC +02:00
AO Angola Luanda Africa Africa/Luanda WAT UTC +01:00
AI Anguilla Anguilla America America/Anguilla AST UTC -04:00
AQ Antarctica Casey Antarctica Antarctica/Casey CAST UTC +11:00
AQ Antarctica Davis Antarctica Antarctica/Davis DAVT UTC +07:00
AQ Antarctica Dumont D'Urville Antarctica Antarctica/DumontDUrville DDUT UTC +10:00
AQ Antarctica Mawson Antarctica Antarctica/Mawson MAWT UTC +05:00
AQ Antarctica McMurdo Antarctica Antarctica/McMurdo NZDT UTC +12:00
AQ Antarctica Palmer Antarctica Antarctica/Palmer CLT UTC -03:00
AQ Antarctica Rothera Antarctica Antarctica/Rothera ROTT UTC -03:00
AQ Antarctica Syowa Antarctica Antarctica/Syowa SYOT UTC +03:00
AQ Antarctica Troll Antarctica Antarctica/Troll UTC UTC +02:00
AQ Antarctica Vostok Antarctica Antarctica/Vostok VOST UTC +06:00
AG Antigua and Barbuda Antigua America America/Antigua AST UTC -04:00
AR Argentina Buenos Aires America America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Catamarca America America/Argentina/Catamarca ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Cordoba America America/Argentina/Cordoba ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Jujuy America America/Argentina/Jujuy ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina La Rioja America America/Argentina/La_Rioja ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Mendoza America America/Argentina/Mendoza ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Rio Gallegos America America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Salta America America/Argentina/Salta ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina San Juan America America/Argentina/San_Juan ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina San Luis America America/Argentina/San_Luis ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Tucuman America America/Argentina/Tucuman ART UTC -03:00
AR Argentina Ushuaia America America/Argentina/Ushuaia ART UTC -03:00
AM Armenia Yerevan Asia Asia/Yerevan AMT UTC +04:00
AW Aruba Aruba America America/Aruba AST UTC -04:00
AU Australia Macquarie Antarctica Antarctica/Macquarie AEDT UTC +10:00
AU Australia Adelaide Australia Australia/Adelaide ACDT UTC +09:30
AU Australia Brisbane Australia Australia/Brisbane AEST UTC +10:00
AU Australia Broken Hill Australia Australia/Broken_Hill ACDT UTC +09:30
AU Australia Darwin Australia Australia/Darwin ACST UTC +09:30
AU Australia Eucla Australia Australia/Eucla ACWST UTC +08:45
AU Australia Hobart Australia Australia/Hobart AEDT UTC +10:00
AU Australia Lindeman Australia Australia/Lindeman AEST UTC +10:00
AU Australia Lord Howe Australia Australia/Lord_Howe LHDT UTC +10:30
AU Australia Melbourne Australia Australia/Melbourne AEDT UTC +10:00
AU Australia Perth Australia Australia/Perth AWST UTC +08:00
AU Australia Sydney Australia Australia/Sydney AEDT UTC +10:00
AT Austria Vienna Europe Europe/Vienna CET UTC +02:00
AZ Azerbaijan Baku Asia Asia/Baku AZT UTC +04:00
BS Bahamas Nassau America America/Nassau EST UTC -04:00
BH Bahrain Bahrain Asia Asia/Bahrain AST UTC +03:00
BD Bangladesh Dhaka Asia Asia/Dhaka BST UTC +06:00
BB Barbados Barbados America America/Barbados AST UTC -04:00
BY Belarus Minsk Europe Europe/Minsk FET UTC +03:00
BE Belgium Brussels Europe Europe/Brussels CET UTC +02:00
BZ Belize Belize America America/Belize CST UTC -06:00
BJ Benin Porto-Novo Africa Africa/Porto-Novo WAT UTC +01:00
BM Bermuda Bermuda Atlantic Atlantic/Bermuda AST UTC -03:00
BT Bhutan Thimphu Asia Asia/Thimphu BTT UTC +06:00
BO Bolivia, Plurinational State of La Paz America America/La_Paz BOT UTC -04:00
BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Kralendijk America America/Kralendijk AST UTC -04:00
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Europe Europe/Sarajevo CET UTC +02:00
BW Botswana Gaborone Africa Africa/Gaborone CAT UTC +02:00
BR Brazil Araguaina America America/Araguaina BRT UTC -03:00
BR Brazil Bahia America America/Bahia BRT UTC -03:00
BR Brazil Belem America America/Belem BRT UTC -03:00
BR Brazil Boa Vista America America/Boa_Vista AMT UTC -04:00
BR Brazil Campo Grande America America/Campo_Grande AMT UTC -04:00
BR Brazil Cuiaba America America/Cuiaba AMST UTC -04:00
BR Brazil Eirunepe America America/Eirunepe AMT UTC -05:00
BR Brazil Fortaleza America America/Fortaleza BRT UTC -03:00
BR Brazil Maceio America America/Maceio AMT UTC -03:00
BR Brazil Manaus America America/Manaus AMT UTC -04:00
BR Brazil Noronha America America/Noronha FNT UTC -02:00
BR Brazil Porto Velho America America/Porto_Velho AMT UTC -04:00
BR Brazil Recife America America/Recife AMST UTC -03:00
BR Brazil Rio Branco America America/Rio_Branco ACT UTC -05:00
BR Brazil Santarem America America/Santarem AMT UTC -03:00
BR Brazil Sao Paulo America America/Sao_Paulo BRT UTC -03:00
IO British Indian Ocean Territory Chagos Indian Indian/Chagos IOT UTC +06:00
BN Brunei Darussalam Brunei Asia Asia/Brunei BNT UTC +08:00
BG Bulgaria Sofia Europe Europe/Sofia EET UTC +03:00
BF Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Africa Africa/Ouagadougou GMT UTC
BI Burundi Bujumbura Africa Africa/Bujumbura CAT UTC +02:00
KH Cambodia Phnom Penh Asia Asia/Phnom_Penh ICT UTC +07:00
CM Cameroon Douala Africa Africa/Douala WAT UTC +01:00
CA Canada Atikokan America America/Atikokan EST UTC -05:00
CA Canada Blanc-Sablon America America/Blanc-Sablon AST UTC -04:00
CA Canada Cambridge Bay America America/Cambridge_Bay MST UTC -06:00
CA Canada Creston America America/Creston MST UTC -07:00
CA Canada Dawson America America/Dawson PST UTC -07:00
CA Canada Dawson Creek America America/Dawson_Creek MST UTC -07:00
CA Canada Edmonton America America/Edmonton MST UTC -06:00
CA Canada Fort Nelson America America/Fort_Nelson MST UTC -07:00
CA Canada Glace Bay America America/Glace_Bay AST UTC -03:00
CA Canada Goose Bay America America/Goose_Bay AST UTC -03:00
CA Canada Halifax America America/Halifax AST UTC -03:00
CA Canada Inuvik America America/Inuvik MST UTC -06:00
CA Canada Iqaluit America America/Iqaluit EST UTC -04:00
CA Canada Moncton America America/Moncton AST UTC -03:00
CA Canada Rankin Inlet America America/Rankin_Inlet CST UTC -05:00
CA Canada Regina America America/Regina CST UTC -06:00
CA Canada Resolute America America/Resolute CST UTC -05:00
CA Canada St Johns America America/St_Johns NST UTC -02:30
CA Canada Swift Current America America/Swift_Current CST UTC -06:00
CA Canada Toronto America America/Toronto EST UTC -04:00
CA Canada Vancouver America America/Vancouver PST UTC -07:00
CA Canada Whitehorse America America/Whitehorse PST UTC -07:00
CA Canada Winnipeg America America/Winnipeg CST UTC -05:00
CV Cape Verde Cape Verde Atlantic Atlantic/Cape_Verde CVT UTC -01:00
KY Cayman Islands Cayman America America/Cayman EST UTC -05:00
CF Central African Republic Bangui Africa Africa/Bangui WAT UTC +01:00
TD Chad Ndjamena Africa Africa/Ndjamena WAT UTC +01:00
CL Chile Punta Arenas America America/Punta_Arenas CLT UTC -03:00
CL Chile Santiago America America/Santiago CLT UTC -04:00
CL Chile Easter Pacific Pacific/Easter CLT UTC -06:00
CN China Shanghai Asia Asia/Shanghai CST UTC +08:00
CN China Urumqi Asia Asia/Urumqi CST UTC +06:00
CX Christmas Island Christmas Indian Indian/Christmas CXT UTC +07:00
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Cocos Indian Indian/Cocos CCT UTC +06:30
CO Colombia Bogota America America/Bogota COT UTC -05:00
KM Comoros Comoro Indian Indian/Comoro EAT UTC +03:00
CG Congo Brazzaville Africa Africa/Brazzaville WAT UTC +01:00
CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Kinshasa Africa Africa/Kinshasa WAT UTC +01:00
CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Lubumbashi Africa Africa/Lubumbashi CAT UTC +02:00
CK Cook Islands Rarotonga Pacific Pacific/Rarotonga CKT UTC -10:00
CR Costa Rica Costa Rica America America/Costa_Rica CST UTC -06:00
HR Croatia Zagreb Europe Europe/Zagreb CET UTC +02:00
CU Cuba Havana America America/Havana CST UTC -04:00
CW Curaçao Curacao America America/Curacao AST UTC -04:00
CY Cyprus Famagusta Asia Asia/Famagusta EET UTC +03:00
CY Cyprus Nicosia Asia Asia/Nicosia EET UTC +03:00
CZ Czech Republic Prague Europe Europe/Prague CET UTC +02:00
CI Côte d'Ivoire Abidjan Africa Africa/Abidjan GMT UTC
DK Denmark Copenhagen Europe Europe/Copenhagen CET UTC +02:00
DJ Djibouti Djibouti Africa Africa/Djibouti EAT UTC +03:00
DM Dominica Dominica America America/Dominica AST UTC -04:00
DO Dominican Republic Santo Domingo America America/Santo_Domingo AST UTC -04:00
EC Ecuador Guayaquil America America/Guayaquil ECT UTC -05:00
EC Ecuador Galapagos Pacific Pacific/Galapagos GALT UTC -06:00
EG Egypt Cairo Africa Africa/Cairo EET UTC +03:00
SV El Salvador El Salvador America America/El_Salvador CST UTC -06:00
GQ Equatorial Guinea Malabo Africa Africa/Malabo WAT UTC +01:00
ER Eritrea Asmara Africa Africa/Asmara EAT UTC +03:00
EE Estonia Tallinn Europe Europe/Tallinn EET UTC +03:00
ET Ethiopia Addis Ababa Africa Africa/Addis_Ababa EAT UTC +03:00
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Stanley Atlantic Atlantic/Stanley FKT UTC -03:00
FO Faroe Islands Faroe Atlantic Atlantic/Faroe WET UTC +01:00
FJ Fiji Fiji Pacific Pacific/Fiji FJT UTC +12:00
FI Finland Helsinki Europe Europe/Helsinki EET UTC +03:00
FR France Paris Europe Europe/Paris CET UTC +02:00
GF French Guiana Cayenne America America/Cayenne GFT UTC -03:00
PF French Polynesia Gambier Pacific Pacific/Gambier GAMT UTC -09:00
PF French Polynesia Marquesas Pacific Pacific/Marquesas MART UTC -09:30
PF French Polynesia Tahiti Pacific Pacific/Tahiti TAHT UTC -10:00
TF French Southern Territories Kerguelen Indian Indian/Kerguelen TFT UTC +05:00
GA Gabon Libreville Africa Africa/Libreville WAT UTC +01:00
GM Gambia Banjul Africa Africa/Banjul GMT UTC
GE Georgia Tbilisi Asia Asia/Tbilisi GET UTC +04:00
DE Germany Berlin Europe Europe/Berlin CET UTC +02:00
DE Germany Busingen Europe Europe/Busingen CET UTC +02:00
GH Ghana Accra Africa Africa/Accra GMT UTC
GI Gibraltar Gibraltar Europe Europe/Gibraltar CET UTC +02:00
GR Greece Athens Europe Europe/Athens EET UTC +03:00
GL Greenland Danmarkshavn America America/Danmarkshavn GMT UTC
GL Greenland Nuuk America America/Nuuk WGT UTC -02:00
GL Greenland Scoresbysund America America/Scoresbysund EGT UTC
GL Greenland Thule America America/Thule AST UTC -03:00
GD Grenada Grenada America America/Grenada AST UTC -04:00
GP Guadeloupe Guadeloupe America America/Guadeloupe AST UTC -04:00
GU Guam Guam Pacific Pacific/Guam ChST UTC +10:00
GT Guatemala Guatemala America America/Guatemala CST UTC -06:00
GG Guernsey Guernsey Europe Europe/Guernsey GMT UTC +01:00
GN Guinea Conakry Africa Africa/Conakry GMT UTC
GW Guinea-Bissau Bissau Africa Africa/Bissau GMT UTC
GY Guyana Guyana America America/Guyana GYT UTC -04:00
HT Haiti Port-au-Prince America America/Port-au-Prince EST UTC -04:00
VA Holy See (Vatican City State) Vatican Europe Europe/Vatican CET UTC +02:00
HN Honduras Tegucigalpa America America/Tegucigalpa CST UTC -06:00
HK Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia Asia/Hong_Kong HKT UTC +08:00
HU Hungary Budapest Europe Europe/Budapest CET UTC +02:00
IS Iceland Reykjavik Atlantic Atlantic/Reykjavik GMT UTC
IN India Kolkata Asia Asia/Kolkata IST UTC +05:30
ID Indonesia Jakarta Asia Asia/Jakarta WIB UTC +07:00
ID Indonesia Jayapura Asia Asia/Jayapura WIT UTC +09:00
ID Indonesia Makassar Asia Asia/Makassar WITA UTC +08:00
ID Indonesia Pontianak Asia Asia/Pontianak WIB UTC +07:00
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of Tehran Asia Asia/Tehran IRST UTC +03:30
IQ Iraq Baghdad Asia Asia/Baghdad AST UTC +03:00
IE Ireland Dublin Europe Europe/Dublin IST UTC +01:00
IM Isle of Man Isle of Man Europe Europe/Isle_of_Man GMT UTC +01:00
IL Israel Jerusalem Asia Asia/Jerusalem IST UTC +03:00
IT Italy Rome Europe Europe/Rome CET UTC +02:00
JM Jamaica Jamaica America America/Jamaica EST UTC -05:00
JP Japan Tokyo Asia Asia/Tokyo JST UTC +09:00
JE Jersey Jersey Europe Europe/Jersey BST UTC +01:00
JO Jordan Amman Asia Asia/Amman EET UTC +03:00
KZ Kazakhstan Almaty Asia Asia/Almaty ALMT UTC +06:00
KZ Kazakhstan Aqtau Asia Asia/Aqtau AQT UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Aqtobe Asia Asia/Aqtobe AQTT UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Atyrau Asia Asia/Atyrau ATOT UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Oral Asia Asia/Oral ORAT UTC +05:00
KZ Kazakhstan Qostanay Asia Asia/Qostanay KOST UTC +06:00
KZ Kazakhstan Qyzylorda Asia Asia/Qyzylorda QYZT UTC +05:00
KE Kenya Nairobi Africa Africa/Nairobi EAT UTC +03:00
KI Kiribati Kanton Pacific Pacific/Kanton GILT UTC +13:00
KI Kiribati Kiritimati Pacific Pacific/Kiritimati LINT UTC +14:00
KI Kiribati Tarawa Pacific Pacific/Tarawa GILT UTC +12:00
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Pyongyang Asia Asia/Pyongyang KST UTC +09:00
KR Korea, Republic of Seoul Asia Asia/Seoul KST UTC +09:00
KW Kuwait Kuwait Asia Asia/Kuwait AST UTC +03:00
KG Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Asia Asia/Bishkek KGT UTC +06:00
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic Vientiane Asia Asia/Vientiane ICT UTC +07:00
LV Latvia Riga Europe Europe/Riga EET UTC +03:00
LB Lebanon Beirut Asia Asia/Beirut EET UTC +03:00
LS Lesotho Maseru Africa Africa/Maseru SAST UTC +02:00
LR Liberia Monrovia Africa Africa/Monrovia GMT UTC
LY Libya Tripoli Africa Africa/Tripoli EET UTC +02:00
LI Liechtenstein Vaduz Europe Europe/Vaduz CET UTC +02:00
LT Lithuania Vilnius Europe Europe/Vilnius EET UTC +03:00
LU Luxembourg Luxembourg Europe Europe/Luxembourg CET UTC +02:00
MO Macao Macau Asia Asia/Macau CST UTC +08:00
MK Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje Europe Europe/Skopje CET UTC +02:00
MG Madagascar Antananarivo Indian Indian/Antananarivo EAT UTC +03:00
MW Malawi Blantyre Africa Africa/Blantyre CAT UTC +02:00
MY Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Asia Asia/Kuala_Lumpur MYT UTC +08:00
MY Malaysia Kuching Asia Asia/Kuching MYT UTC +08:00
MV Maldives Maldives Indian Indian/Maldives MVT UTC +05:00
ML Mali Bamako Africa Africa/Bamako GMT UTC
MT Malta Malta Europe Europe/Malta CET UTC +02:00
MH Marshall Islands Kwajalein Pacific Pacific/Kwajalein MHT UTC +12:00
MH Marshall Islands Majuro Pacific Pacific/Majuro MHT UTC +12:00
MQ Martinique Martinique America America/Martinique AST UTC -04:00
MR Mauritania Nouakchott Africa Africa/Nouakchott GMT UTC
MU Mauritius Mauritius Indian Indian/Mauritius MUT UTC +04:00
YT Mayotte Mayotte Indian Indian/Mayotte EAT UTC +03:00
MX Mexico Bahia Banderas America America/Bahia_Banderas CST UTC -06:00
MX Mexico Cancun America America/Cancun EST UTC -05:00
MX Mexico Chihuahua America America/Chihuahua MST UTC -06:00
MX Mexico Ciudad Juarez America America/Ciudad_Juarez MST UTC -06:00
MX Mexico Hermosillo America America/Hermosillo MST UTC -07:00
MX Mexico Matamoros America America/Matamoros CST UTC -05:00
MX Mexico Mazatlan America America/Mazatlan MST UTC -07:00
MX Mexico Merida America America/Merida EST UTC -06:00
MX Mexico Mexico City America America/Mexico_City CST UTC -06:00
MX Mexico Monterrey America America/Monterrey CST UTC -06:00
MX Mexico Ojinaga America America/Ojinaga MST UTC -05:00
MX Mexico Tijuana America America/Tijuana PST UTC -07:00
FM Micronesia, Federated States of Chuuk Pacific Pacific/Chuuk CHUT UTC +10:00
FM Micronesia, Federated States of Kosrae Pacific Pacific/Kosrae KOST UTC +11:00
FM Micronesia, Federated States of Pohnpei Pacific Pacific/Pohnpei PONT UTC +11:00
MD Moldova, Republic of Chisinau Europe Europe/Chisinau EET UTC +03:00
MC Monaco Monaco Europe Europe/Monaco CET UTC +02:00
MN Mongolia Choibalsan Asia Asia/Choibalsan CHOT UTC +08:00
MN Mongolia Hovd Asia Asia/Hovd HOVT UTC +07:00
MN Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Asia Asia/Ulaanbaatar ULAT UTC +08:00
ME Montenegro Podgorica Europe Europe/Podgorica CET UTC +02:00
MS Montserrat Montserrat America America/Montserrat AST UTC -04:00
MA Morocco Casablanca Africa Africa/Casablanca CET UTC +01:00
MA Morocco El Aaiun Africa Africa/El_Aaiun WET UTC +01:00
MZ Mozambique Maputo Africa Africa/Maputo CAT UTC +02:00
MM Myanmar Yangon Asia Asia/Yangon MMT UTC +06:30
NA Namibia Windhoek Africa Africa/Windhoek CAT UTC +02:00
NR Nauru Nauru Pacific Pacific/Nauru NRT UTC +12:00
NP Nepal Kathmandu Asia Asia/Kathmandu NPT UTC +05:45
NL Netherlands Amsterdam Europe Europe/Amsterdam CET UTC +02:00
NC New Caledonia Noumea Pacific Pacific/Noumea NCT UTC +11:00
NZ New Zealand Auckland Pacific Pacific/Auckland NZST UTC +12:00
NZ New Zealand Chatham Pacific Pacific/Chatham CHAST UTC +12:45
NI Nicaragua Managua America America/Managua CST UTC -06:00
NE Niger Niamey Africa Africa/Niamey WAT UTC +01:00
NG Nigeria Lagos Africa Africa/Lagos WAT UTC +01:00
NU Niue Niue Pacific Pacific/Niue NUT UTC -11:00
NF Norfolk Island Norfolk Pacific Pacific/Norfolk NFT UTC +11:00
MP Northern Mariana Islands Saipan Pacific Pacific/Saipan ChST UTC +10:00
NO Norway Oslo Europe Europe/Oslo CET UTC +02:00
OM Oman Muscat Asia Asia/Muscat GST UTC +04:00
PK Pakistan Karachi Asia Asia/Karachi PKT UTC +05:00
PW Palau Palau Pacific Pacific/Palau PWT UTC +09:00
PS Palestine, State of Gaza Asia Asia/Gaza EET UTC +03:00
PS Palestine, State of Hebron Asia Asia/Hebron EET UTC +03:00
PA Panama Panama America America/Panama EST UTC -05:00
PG Papua New Guinea Bougainville Pacific Pacific/Bougainville BST UTC +11:00
PG Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Pacific Pacific/Port_Moresby PGT UTC +10:00
PY Paraguay Asuncion America America/Asuncion PYT UTC -04:00
PE Peru Lima America America/Lima PET UTC -05:00
PH Philippines Manila Asia Asia/Manila PHT UTC +08:00
PN Pitcairn Pitcairn Pacific Pacific/Pitcairn PST UTC -08:00
PL Poland Warsaw Europe Europe/Warsaw CET UTC +02:00
PT Portugal Azores Atlantic Atlantic/Azores AZOT UTC
PT Portugal Madeira Atlantic Atlantic/Madeira WEST UTC +01:00
PT Portugal Lisbon Europe Europe/Lisbon WEST UTC +01:00
PR Puerto Rico Puerto Rico America America/Puerto_Rico AST UTC -04:00
QA Qatar Qatar Asia Asia/Qatar AST UTC +03:00
RO Romania Bucharest Europe Europe/Bucharest EET UTC +03:00
RU Russian Federation Anadyr Asia Asia/Anadyr ANAT UTC +12:00
RU Russian Federation Barnaul Asia Asia/Barnaul BARNAT UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Chita Asia Asia/Chita IRKT UTC +09:00
RU Russian Federation Irkutsk Asia Asia/Irkutsk IRKT UTC +08:00
RU Russian Federation Kamchatka Asia Asia/Kamchatka PETT UTC +12:00
RU Russian Federation Khandyga Asia Asia/Khandyga YAKT UTC +09:00
RU Russian Federation Krasnoyarsk Asia Asia/Krasnoyarsk KRAT UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Magadan Asia Asia/Magadan MAGT UTC +11:00
RU Russian Federation Novokuznetsk Asia Asia/Novokuznetsk KRAT UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Novosibirsk Asia Asia/Novosibirsk NOVT UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Omsk Asia Asia/Omsk OMST UTC +06:00
RU Russian Federation Sakhalin Asia Asia/Sakhalin SAKT UTC +11:00
RU Russian Federation Srednekolymsk Asia Asia/Srednekolymsk SRET UTC +11:00
RU Russian Federation Tomsk Asia Asia/Tomsk TOMT UTC +07:00
RU Russian Federation Ust-Nera Asia Asia/Ust-Nera VLAT UTC +10:00
RU Russian Federation Vladivostok Asia Asia/Vladivostok VLAT UTC +10:00
RU Russian Federation Yakutsk Asia Asia/Yakutsk YAKT UTC +09:00
RU Russian Federation Yekaterinburg Asia Asia/Yekaterinburg YEKT UTC +05:00
RU Russian Federation Astrakhan Europe Europe/Astrakhan MSK UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Kaliningrad Europe Europe/Kaliningrad EET UTC +02:00
RU Russian Federation Kirov Europe Europe/Kirov MSK UTC +03:00
RU Russian Federation Moscow Europe Europe/Moscow MSK UTC +03:00
RU Russian Federation Samara Europe Europe/Samara SAMT UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Saratov Europe Europe/Saratov SAMT UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Ulyanovsk Europe Europe/Ulyanovsk ULAT UTC +04:00
RU Russian Federation Volgograd Europe Europe/Volgograd MSK UTC +03:00
RW Rwanda Kigali Africa Africa/Kigali CAT UTC +02:00
RE Réunion Reunion Indian Indian/Reunion RET UTC +04:00
BL Saint Barthélemy St Barthelemy America America/St_Barthelemy AST UTC -04:00
SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha St Helena Atlantic Atlantic/St_Helena GMT UTC
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis St Kitts America America/St_Kitts AST UTC -04:00
LC Saint Lucia St Lucia America America/St_Lucia AST UTC -04:00
MF Saint Martin (French part) Marigot America America/Marigot AST UTC -04:00
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon Miquelon America America/Miquelon AST UTC -02:00
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines St Vincent America America/St_Vincent AST UTC -04:00
WS Samoa Apia Pacific Pacific/Apia WST UTC +13:00
SM San Marino San Marino Europe Europe/San_Marino CET UTC +02:00
ST Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome Africa Africa/Sao_Tome WAT UTC
SA Saudi Arabia Riyadh Asia Asia/Riyadh AST UTC +03:00
SN Senegal Dakar Africa Africa/Dakar GMT UTC
RS Serbia Belgrade Europe Europe/Belgrade CET UTC +02:00
SC Seychelles Mahe Indian Indian/Mahe SCT UTC +04:00
SL Sierra Leone Freetown Africa Africa/Freetown GMT UTC
SG Singapore Singapore Asia Asia/Singapore SGT UTC +08:00
SX Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Lower Princes America America/Lower_Princes AST UTC -04:00
SK Slovakia Bratislava Europe Europe/Bratislava CET UTC +02:00
SI Slovenia Ljubljana Europe Europe/Ljubljana CET UTC +02:00
SB Solomon Islands Guadalcanal Pacific Pacific/Guadalcanal SBT UTC +11:00
SO Somalia Mogadishu Africa Africa/Mogadishu EAT UTC +03:00
ZA South Africa Johannesburg Africa Africa/Johannesburg SAST UTC +02:00
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands South Georgia Atlantic Atlantic/South_Georgia GST UTC -02:00
SS South Sudan Juba Africa Africa/Juba CAT UTC +02:00
ES Spain Ceuta Africa Africa/Ceuta CET UTC +02:00
ES Spain Canary Atlantic Atlantic/Canary WEST UTC +01:00
ES Spain Madrid Europe Europe/Madrid CET UTC +02:00
LK Sri Lanka Colombo Asia Asia/Colombo IST UTC +05:30
SD Sudan Khartoum Africa Africa/Khartoum CAT UTC +02:00
SR Suriname Paramaribo America America/Paramaribo SRT UTC -03:00
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Longyearbyen Arctic Arctic/Longyearbyen CET UTC +02:00
SZ Swaziland Mbabane Africa Africa/Mbabane SAST UTC +02:00
SE Sweden Stockholm Europe Europe/Stockholm CET UTC +02:00
CH Switzerland Zurich Europe Europe/Zurich CET UTC +02:00
SY Syrian Arab Republic Damascus Asia Asia/Damascus EET UTC +03:00
TW Taiwan, Province of China Taipei Asia Asia/Taipei CST UTC +08:00
TJ Tajikistan Dushanbe Asia Asia/Dushanbe TJT UTC +05:00
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of Dar es Salaam Africa Africa/Dar_es_Salaam EAT UTC +03:00
TH Thailand Bangkok Asia Asia/Bangkok ICT UTC +07:00
TL Timor-Leste Dili Asia Asia/Dili TLT UTC +09:00
TG Togo Lome Africa Africa/Lome GMT UTC
TK Tokelau Fakaofo Pacific Pacific/Fakaofo TKT UTC +13:00
TO Tonga Tongatapu Pacific Pacific/Tongatapu TOT UTC +13:00
TT Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain America America/Port_of_Spain AST UTC -04:00
TN Tunisia Tunis Africa Africa/Tunis CET UTC +01:00
TR Turkey Istanbul Europe Europe/Istanbul TRT UTC +03:00
TM Turkmenistan Ashgabat Asia Asia/Ashgabat TMT UTC +05:00
TC Turks and Caicos Islands Grand Turk America America/Grand_Turk EST UTC -04:00
TV Tuvalu Funafuti Pacific Pacific/Funafuti TVT UTC +12:00
UG Uganda Kampala Africa Africa/Kampala EAT UTC +03:00
UA Ukraine Kyiv Europe Europe/Kyiv EET UTC +03:00
UA Ukraine Simferopol Europe Europe/Simferopol MSK UTC +03:00
AE United Arab Emirates Dubai Asia Asia/Dubai GST UTC +04:00
GB United Kingdom London Europe Europe/London GMT UTC +01:00
US United States Adak America America/Adak HAST UTC -09:00
US United States Anchorage America America/Anchorage AKDT UTC -08:00
US United States Boise America America/Boise MDT UTC -06:00
US United States Chicago America America/Chicago CDT UTC -05:00
US United States Denver America America/Denver MDT UTC -06:00
US United States Detroit America America/Detroit EDT UTC -04:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Indianapolis EDT UTC -04:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Knox CST UTC -05:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Marengo EST UTC -04:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Petersburg EST UTC -04:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Tell_City CST UTC -05:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Vevay CST UTC -04:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Vincennes EST UTC -04:00
US United States Indiana America America/Indiana/Winamac EST UTC -04:00
US United States Juneau America America/Juneau AKDT UTC -08:00
US United States Kentucky America America/Kentucky/Louisville EDT UTC -04:00
US United States Kentucky America America/Kentucky/Monticello EDT UTC -04:00
US United States Los Angeles America America/Los_Angeles PDT UTC -07:00
US United States Menominee America America/Menominee CDT UTC -05:00
US United States Metlakatla America America/Metlakatla AKDT UTC -08:00
US United States New York America America/New_York EDT UTC -04:00
US United States Nome America America/Nome AKDT UTC -08:00
US United States North Dakota America America/North_Dakota/Beulah CDT UTC -05:00
US United States North Dakota America America/North_Dakota/Center CST UTC -05:00
US United States North Dakota America America/North_Dakota/New_Salem CST UTC -05:00
US United States Phoenix America America/Phoenix MST UTC -07:00
US United States Sitka America America/Sitka AKDT UTC -08:00
US United States Yakutat America America/Yakutat AKDT UTC -08:00
US United States Honolulu Pacific Pacific/Honolulu HST UTC -10:00
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands Midway Pacific Pacific/Midway SST UTC -11:00
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands Wake Pacific Pacific/Wake WAKT UTC +12:00
UY Uruguay Montevideo America America/Montevideo UYT UTC -03:00
UZ Uzbekistan Samarkand Asia Asia/Samarkand UZT UTC +05:00
UZ Uzbekistan Tashkent Asia Asia/Tashkent UZT UTC +05:00
VU Vanuatu Efate Pacific Pacific/Efate VUT UTC +11:00
VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Caracas America America/Caracas VET UTC -04:00
VN Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh Asia Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh ICT UTC +07:00
VG Virgin Islands, British Tortola America America/Tortola AST UTC -04:00
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. St Thomas America America/St_Thomas AST UTC -04:00
WF Wallis and Futuna Wallis Pacific Pacific/Wallis WFT UTC +12:00
YE Yemen Aden Asia Asia/Aden AST UTC +03:00
ZM Zambia Lusaka Africa Africa/Lusaka CAT UTC +02:00
ZW Zimbabwe Harare Africa Africa/Harare CAT UTC +02:00
AX Aland Islands Mariehamn Europe Europe/Mariehamn EET UTC +03:00

To enhance your exploration of time zones, our interactive table provides useful functionalities. You can easily sort the data by clicking on the respective column headers. For instance, if you prefer to arrange the data alphabetically by country location, click on the "Region" header. Similarly, if you wish to sort the data by the deviation from GMT/UTC, click on the "GMT Offset" header.

Furthermore, finding specific cities within the table is effortless with the search box located on the right side. Simply type in the name of the city you are interested in, and the table will dynamically filter the results, presenting only the relevant entries. This feature allows you to quickly access information about a particular time zone city.

For real-time information on the current local time in any country, you can utilize the "Current Time" button provided on this page. Clicking on it will display the accurate time in the selected location, helping you stay up to date.

We hope this leaflet serves as a valuable resource for comprehending and navigating time zones worldwide. Whether you are a frequent traveler, an international business professional, or simply curious about the concept of time, this information will assist you in effectively managing and coordinating activities across different time zones.

Note: The data provided in this leaflet is accurate as of the publication date and may be subject to occasional updates.

How Many Time Zones Are There Globally?

The adoption and implementation of the concept of time zones spanned nearly a century. Initially, the world was divided into 24 standard time zones, extending from the South Pole to the North Pole. However, various geographical, social, and political factors have led to deviations from international institutions' universal standards and recommendations. Governments often set their own local time, taking into account not only the sun's position but also internal processes within their regions. Some countries with colonial histories have territories far from their governing centers that are included in the same time zone. Despite their vast size, others operate in a single time zone (such as China), which can pose challenges for local residents. Consequently, there are more than 24 time zones and each country may adopt its specific standard time zone to facilitate international cooperation based on its unique requirements.

According to the IANA time zone database, which serves as the basis for our list of world time zones, there are approximately 200 time zones recognized globally. These time zones account for the variations in local time across different regions, ensuring accurate timekeeping and coordination on a global scale.

Explore and Navigate the World's Most Populous Time Zones with Ease

In conclusion, our comprehensive guide to time zones offers a wealth of information to help you understand and navigate the complexities of time across the globe. We have taken into account the most populous time zones, ensuring that you have a valuable resource for various purposes, from travel planning to global communication.

By utilizing our interactive table, you can sort the data by different criteria and easily locate specific cities or countries of interest, including some of the world's most densely populated regions. Here are a few examples of time zones where a significant portion of the global population resides:

  1. Eastern Standard Time (EST): With major cities like New York, Toronto, and Miami, this time zone accommodates millions of people in North America.
  2. Central Standard Time (CST): Including cities such as Chicago, Mexico City, and Guatemala City, this time zone is home to a large population in North America and Central America.
  3. Western European Time (WET): Encompassing cities like London, Lisbon, and Dublin, this time zone is densely populated in Western Europe.
  4. India Standard Time (IST): With cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata, this time zone houses a massive population in India.
  5. China Standard Time (CST): Including Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, this time zone accommodates a significant portion of China's population.

Furthermore, the "Current Time" feature allows you to obtain real-time information about the current local time in any country, including those with small and large populations. This functionality ensures accurate timekeeping and enables you to synchronize your activities with the bustling lives of millions worldwide.

We understand the importance of time management and synchronization in today's interconnected world, especially in regions where the majority of the global population resides. Our goal is to provide you with a user-friendly and informative platform that helps you effectively navigate time zones, making your interactions with the most populous regions seamless and efficient.

Please note that while we have endeavored to include the most populous time zones, this guide may not encompass every possible time zone variation. Time zones can be subject to updates and modifications, so it's always a good idea to consult official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

We hope this guide serves as a valuable companion in your exploration of the world's most populous time zones and facilitates your international endeavors. Enjoy your journey through different time zones, and may your experiences with the vibrant communities of these regions be filled with productivity and enjoyment.

Safe travels and successful global interactions!